If your feet are happy, they will only ever lead you to a happy place. If everybody’s feet are happy, well, then we have world peace. It was that simple all along – I’ve no idea why more people don’t listen to me. Really.

– Richard Basi

* The serious bit *

What is the blog’s purpose?
Discovering music late in life as I have, and the wonder of Jazz music particularly in my case has, to use a well worn cliche, made me feel born again. Here on this blog, I will share what I find, what I think, what inspires. Most of the time it will be music or musician related. Occasionally, there may be a dance post. You should be prepared to read what I write from the vantage point of a dancer, not as a classically trained musician, or even an unclassically trained musician. As such, you should take my opinions, expressions of views, etc.. with the pinch of salt required if your perspective comes from any other angle than this. I hope to provoke thought, spread the joy of the music, and the wonder of the evolution.

Above all, I hope to spread the fun I have discovered from experiencing and immersing myself into this truly amazing arena.

The Calendar and Festivals pages will only have events in and around Oregon which I personally recommend going to. If you think there’s something going on that I’d like that I’ve missed, drop me a line.

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