I was an actor for five years spanning both the UK and USA theatre scene. I know something about the creation of live art for performance, and sometimes, of improvisation in the live performance arena.

I offer the following services. Please contact me directly for further (serious please) enquiries. If you wish to pursue an interest, I can provide an invitation to my private blog listing the majority of my DJ setlists since 2007, just let me know when you contact me.

1. Authentic vintage Jazz and Swing music DJ, consultant and co-ordinator.
Example projects I have delivered :
a) Provided 8 hours of prohibition-era music to a chain of restaurants to continually play in the background in all of their locations. Delivered to time and quality inside 72 hours.
b) Swing music DJ at national dance events in Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Cambridge(UK), San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, San Diego, Albuquerque since 2007*.
c) Provided consultancy services to touring Jazz bands to Portland regarding the specifics and nuances of the dance scene.
d) Provided consultancy services to out-of-town Jazz festival organisers regarding the suitability of specific bands for their events.
e) Comprehensive reports detailing the central elements and composition of setlists for swing dancing to band leaders.
f ) Founder and Artistic Director of the Annual Louis Armstrong Music Celebration in Portland, held around August time.

2. Promotion and hospitality. I have many years’ experience working in high quality, demanding customer service and hospitality positions.

3. Historical speaking/presentation on the early development of jazz, prior to 1940.

4. Secured the engagement of top quality jazz musicians in Portland and long-term bookings for such musicians.

5. CD reviews of contemporary bands.

6. Providing video services to jazz musicians and bands for artistic promotional purposes.

7. Jazz history tours of inner Portland, Oregon.

8. I also teach pool or snooker technique and tactics. Guaranteed to improve your game.

The full list of cities where I have been to DJ swing music is :

Albuquerque, Cambridge (UK), Chicago, Eureka, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver.


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