Emily Asher and the West Coast invasion

The last week of October 2014 sees the return to Portland of Emily Asher and not one band this time, but two : Emily Asher’s Garden Party, and Endangered Species.

Here is the extensive, unmissable interview I did a week ago to preview the highlights of the tour direct with Emily from her home in New York City – just click on the small arrow icon next to the speaker icon on the page, or download the audio file for listening at your leisure : PODCAST – Exclusive interview with Emily Asher for KBOO

Here are a few reasons why it’s more than worth your while to check out at least one performance as they head north through the week leaving us on Saturday as the Garden Party, before returning on Thursday 6th November in the Endangered Species trio format.

This is from January 2014 when the Garden Party were last in town, ‘When I Grow Too Old To Dream’.

The Garden Party band first hit these parts in the summer of 2013 and this rendition of ‘On The Sunny Side Of The Street’ includes Mike Davis on trumpet, who returns this time too :